La Galera is a service company of naval and industrial repairs that operates from the area of influence of the Port of Algeciras (Cádiz). From this key geostrategic point, it provides its services on the national level, in charge of the comprehensive management of the repair that requires the customer, wherever you are. Our catalogue of services is highly competitive.



The line of naval repairs includes comprehensive maintenance, ship repairs, ship mechanics, ultrasonic cleaning, chemical recirculation and machining. For port facilities, we are specialist in the repair, maintenance and replacement of shockproof defences. Regarding industrial installations from La Galera we serve to comprehensive maintenance. For the three sectors, we offer services of authorised welding work.


La Galera has implemented its specialized services with the acquisition of a complete laboratory injection which has the latest technology applied. Since its Database of tests, it detects and fixes any mechanical problem of the diesel injector or pumps which affect their machinery as industrial and naval. With this new acquisition, you are among the leading companies of the port-naval-industrial sector at this point of the Spanish geography.

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