A new professional management is responsible for the best possible directions for the future expansion of La Galera. The management team maintain firmly their purposes to increase productivity and lead the sector. In pursuit of excellence, the management team and the technical walk hand in hand. Backing up your already consolidated customers and retention are presented as the main guarantee of success.


La Galera staff is formed by a team up to the most challenging circumstances. It is highly qualified to provide the quickest response with leading-edge quality in the current market. The qualification and satisfaction of our employees are key pieces when our goals are achieved. It makes sense of this new and exciting roadmap.


The seniority technique is one of the most outstanding qualities in their workshops. Our signings are professionals with broad and extensive experience in the sector, first class official with absolute control about the naval and industrial works. More than 25 years of experience guarantee most of the resumes of its technical staff. They are key factors that add strength and quality to our company.

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